The Federation

SwissSnowshoe is an organization supported by its members and partners to enable the development of snowshoeing in the context of sporting events, walks, fun runs, marked trails ™, etc..


SwissSnowshoe provides to its members information about the various winter programmes (outings, moonlight hikes, testing equipment, etc …), it publishes all the trails of ™, a products and accessories reserved for members, as well as advertising and information spaces.

  • SwissSnowshoe aims to promote and develop the practice of snowshoeing . We promotes the image of a popular close to nature, athletic movement. We encourage the development of this popular sport as a fun means to maintain good health.
  •  SwissSnowshoe aims high levels of performance from the elites of the sport by training instructors, coaches, accompanists and animators as well as ecurity officers, controllers and technical personnel for competition.
  • SwissSnowshoe organizes marked and secured routes in collaboration with the regions, tourist offices, local development companies, etc.
  • SwissSnowshoe encourages organizers of public demonstrations or competitions in providing them assistance.
  • SwissSnowshoe informed members, the public and the authorities about the practice of snowshoeing through the distribution of press releases, post-event photos and media of national and regional character.


The committee of the Federation manages the overall organization of the association and supports its members by providing professional high quality services.